WWP Product Development Team Launches Custom Innovations at Make Up in NY

Utilizing its in house design, engineering and product development teams, WWP launches three custom innovations that show off their out of the box thinking,  manufacturing expertise and drive to remain a global leader in the cosmetics arena.

Lash 180:  Lash 180’s ergonomic patented brush and custom formula challenges consumers to lengthen, curl, define and volumize with one swipe!  Shaped like a triangle and designed to be held vertically,  the brush creates a complete disruption to ordinary mascara applications and will style the lashes 180 degrees to flawless.

Four Play –the mini kit: A Pocket sized and playful solution for date nights, small makeup bags, festivals and make up junkies. Each kits consist of four longwear lipsticks or four longwear eye liners and can be sold as is or customized with eye shadow, eyeliner,  lipstick or  lip liner formulas.  Single shades can also be purchased separately allowing consumers to customize endless looks.

Winsome Warrior Eye Shadow Palette: Inspired by the feminine mystique, the elements of this palette were chosen as a symbol for the strength of a woman to remain beautiful no matter the stressor.

The fierce but delicate arrowhead,  the subtle but strong faux birch wood insert and the soft but intense highly pigmented eye shadows all signify the complex duality that is the woman.  Allow WWP to help you customize your own Warrior Palette!