WWP Becomes Exclusive U.S. Distributor for Plastic-Free, Plant Fiber Polymer-Based Cosmetic Component Packaging

Florham Park, NJWWP, a leading provider of cosmetic packaging components, plastic tubes, and full-service turnkey solutions, has been named the exclusive distributor in the United States for Plant Fiber Polymer (PFP) component packaging. Touting numerous planet friendly attributes, the PFP packaging aligns with the cosmetics industry’s continued push for sustainable solutions.

The PFP packaging is comprised of renewable raw materials claimed from farm by-products  like bamboo, sugarcane, and coconut shells, and features natural, organic and recyclable components. The overall eco-friendliness of the packaging is demonstrated in the absence of plastic and fossil fuel-based ingredients, which in turn effectively reduces carbon emissions by decreasing both the production and disposal of plastic.      

PFP is available in a variety of color and finish options with organic pigments and can be supplemented by both stock and custom components.

“Consumers’ increasing desire for sustainability practices both in products and packaging is a crucial consideration within the cosmetics industry,” said Jim Farley, Executive Vice President of Global Business Development for WWP. “WWP is ideally suited to distribute the PFP packaging, which satisfies the heightened demand for environmentally conscious products while ensuring overall quality and efficacy.”