We’ve got you covered — color trends for Fall 2018 makeup

While WWP isn’t in the business of predicting color trends, we stay closely attuned to the forecasting of the hardworking beauty experts we trust.

Here’s the thing about Fall 2018: there’s something for everybody! As is true in the fashion world at large, there’s a streak of independence running through the beauty business. Women (as well as cosmetics-using men) are being encouraged to choose makeup colors and formulations that bring out their inner radiance.

This means we’re seeing a wide array of requests for products and colors that span the spectrum from totally natural (tans and nudes), to wild, bold, spectacular shades, pigments and formulations – from matte, to shiny, to glitter galore.

As noted on Glowsly.com, a platform curated by an international group of fashion gurus, Fashion Week’s makeup trends ran the gamut from ‘born-this-way neutral’ to ‘back-from-the-future kaleidoscopic,’ ensuring there are looks to appeal to any taste.

Here are a few fall trends we gleaned from the editors at Glowsly.com and Global Cosmetics Industry Magazine:

  • Peachy pink blush replacing deep bronze of summer
  • Pale and beige foundation shades
  • Black eyeliner used in a variety of ways; from a simple line to define the eyes subtly, to dramatic, exaggerated sweeping cat-eye lines
  • Blue as a favorite color choice–from airy and pastel to midnight-deep
  • Multicolored color-block eyeshadow as a definite trend, with painterly harmonies of color gracing the eyes of many a model who worked the runway
  • Pops of color – for those not wanting to go full-out, pops of color showed up in many forms, including bright eyeliners (yellows, greens, et al), to colored mascaras (blues, maroons, et al), to hints of colored eyeshadow (every shade in the rainbow, including neon-greens)
  • Smoky eyes with warm browns and dusty greys
  • Glitter and shimmer, and a love of metallic effects
  • Lip color ranging from naked and nude mattes, to bright and shiny wines and reds
  • Popular combinations include: strong blush and stained lips; winged eyeliner and statement red lips; shimmer eyelids with glossy lips; brazen palettes of vivid blues and oranges with a naked base and understated lips

As a global company, WWP knows the importance of helping customers stay fluid, open and responsive to constantly changing trends. That’s easy for us, because we’ve invested in the people, processes, and facilities that enable us to provide the quickest turnaround time in the industry. With nearly 2 million square feet of wholly-owned manufacturing facilities across the globe, including dedicated component and tube manufacturing facilities, we deliver industry-leading turnaround times for pre-production samples and color matching in both extrusion and injection molded tubes.

Our product development team leads the charge in designing, launching and expanding beauty brands for boutique, indie and prestige markets across the globe. WWP’s full-service expertise ranges from product development ideation to primary and secondary packaging, regulatory guidance, manufacturing, filling and logistics — one integrated team seamlessly collaborating to bring our customers’ products to market.