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Cosmetic Design Group (CDG), A WWP Company, has been supplying national brands and retailers with innovation and brand partnership for over 30 years. We’ve learned to be efficient and effective, which allows us to quickly capitalize on upcoming trends. CDG is your global resource, offering full turnkey design and manufacturing services as well as packaging, assembly, displays, regulatory, and warehousing services. Whether a start-up or an established brand, we’re happy to be a silent collaborator for you. We fit into your team wherever you need us.


We reduce the logistical headaches of working with several different companies by offering a long list of services from packaging to warehousing.

Our experience, low overhead and strategic partnerships allow us to work faster than the competition and get you the best possible pricing.


Through our research and connections, we are able to present you with the newest trends before anyone else. We also know the market inside out and we can identify whitespace in your sector to suggest products that will position your brand as an innovator.

We know the market inside out and can help position your brand as an innovator.

We Have You Covered

Rest assured that with CDG there is always a plan B. We always have a backup plan ready to deploy in case something goes wrong. We believe in dual-pathway sourcing. For example, we may have another factory on call in case one factory is over capacity.


We have trusted manufacturers all over the globe and our partnerships allow us to tailor the price and quality level of your products to suit any budget or aesthetic. We have secured “hidden gem” sources for products that our competitors simply don’t know about.


We work closely with your team and our formulators to create custom products at the level of quality you demand. We have access to the best and most innovative raw materials in the world and our formulators and researchers are always uncovering the latest trends in ingredients and technology to ensure your formulations are effective and groundbreaking. At CDG, we believe in ethical products – we never test on animals and can provide cruelty-free statements.


We can help you develop your full product lineup and create innovative products and also have in-house design capabilities.

Sourcing of Components

We can work with you to source and test several styles of already existing components or design and create custom componentry for all types of products from color to skincare.

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance rules for formulations and packaging is a complicated and essential part of launching and maintaining a brand. We have full-time staff dedicated to compliance who know every facet of this landscape.

Manufacturing & Assembly

Working with our trusted network of fully auditable and vetted manufacturers means we can maintain the highest standards of quality control while always striving to find you the most cost-effective solutions possible.

In-Store Display

When you collaborate with us we streamline the delivery of products and displays to the retailer, saving you money and time.

Warehousing & Distribution

Our four strategically-located warehouses across the USA allow us to pick up and ship orders typically within 48 hours. We partner with our clients to manufacture and hold inventory in order to speed up replenishment and lower costs.


We’re ready to get started.
For any inquiries please contact one of our offices. If you need information on certain products please use the contact form below.