The Future of Hand & Nail

Getting a manicure can be seen as a staple in American society. To some it’s a special treat and to others it’s a necessity of life. The future of nail care is looking brighter than ever, and the 2020s will see nail care take off like never before. It’s predicted that nail polish is on track to be the fasting-growing in the color cosmetics segment and it may even replace the lipstick index when assessing consumer confidence.

Two major reasons of the boom of the nail care industry are the popularity of self-care culture and celebrity influence. As self-care has become a socialite must, traditional beauty practices are getting new age makeovers. From what once was just the cutting, shaping, and painting of nails is now seen as a type of wellness ritual. It’s now the norm to have your hands tended to on another level. From hot stones, to 15-minute hand massages– the luxurious spa manicure is a must. The nail care industry must change to address this shift from pleasantry to ritual. Celebrity influencers have played a large part in the rise of nail-care. Leading the charge is makeup mogul and the owner of Kylie Cosmetics—Kylie Jenner.

Jenner can often be seen promoting her newest nail art on her Instagram stories and she even has a highlight reel dedicated to her lavish manicures. Jenner’s reach is almost unmatched in the industry, as her 161 million Instagram followers will see every nail polish her near billion-dollar company releases and anticipation will build well in advance of the product’s actual release date. By the time the product actually releases, it’s almost sold out from pre-orders gathered through her powerful social media presence. Joining forces with Jenner on promoting eye-catching polish is British super star Harry Styles.

Harry is leading the charge of men jumping on the manicure wave. He can often be seen sporting nail polish to complement his formal tuxedos at award shows. Celebrities like Travis Scott, Ansel Elgort, and Bad Bunny have also jumped on board the “menicure” train and have shown their done-up nails in very public areas like red carpets and during interviews. Overall, 10-12% of men account for the use of nail care products — and that percentage will continue to grow throughout the decade. There’s been a surge in brands offering gender-less beauty products – and the nail care industry is following suit. The next step for the nail care industry is launching textures and colors created with the masculine aesthetic in mind, especially as the “menicure” trend continues to grow.

WWP’s Cosmetic Design Group in California is getting ahead of the trend and created the Hands On Beauty Kit. The all-in-one kit contains intensive hand and nail care products made with complex and nourishing ingredients. The kit includes a deep conditioning CBD hand cream, a revolutionary microbiome balance formula, smokey quartz cuticle stone scrub, and natural wood cuticle pusher tools. All of these elements were created to smooth hands and promote beautiful, healthy nails.