Tech-Inspired Makeup

Technology has become omnipresent in our lives. With the internet putting people around the world at our fingertips, it makes sense that tech has had a sizable effect on a hands-on industry like beauty. Facial detection, augmented reality, 3D face masks and red-light therapy are just a few examples of how technology is innovating the sector, and new trends are undoubtedly on the horizon in an increasingly tech-centric future.

For example, within the next year, brands Opte and Atolla are scheduled to launch 3D foundation and smart serums. By utilizing a blue light on a handheld scanner, Opte scans your face to create the perfect, customized foundation. This smart solution provides truly personalized skincare options in a space where products are too often “one size fits all” and, as a result, less effective individually.

Meanwhile, up-and-coming skincare brand Atolla uses sensors and a lifestyle survey to properly gauge customers’ oil, moisture and pH levels. Based on this information, Altolla personalizes serums catered to each individual’s skincare needs.

La Rosche Posay’s aptly-named “My Skin Track pH Device” is a small, patch-like sensor that offers an accurate skin pH reading by considering sweat from pores. The device uses the pH measurement to assess skincare needs and provides recommendations to bolster skin health. Although still in its early stages, such emphasis on pH balance has been proven to be crucial to overall skin health and will surely be a key player in the industry moving forward.

Beauty and skincare apps featuring artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) are also growing rapidly. For instance, YouCam Makeup uses Beauty 3.0 AI + AR technology to offer users proactive and personalized cosmetic solutions. Using facial mapping technology, consumers can experience a lifelike virtual makeover using hundreds of products. Such apps help users identify the perfect products prior to buying them; you can also speak directly with a representative to identify which products might best suit your needs and skin type.

Additionally, the Neutrogena Skin360 App and Skin Scanner Tool affixes to mobile phones to show in-depth reports of your skin’s moisture levels, depth of fine lines and size of pores. The accompanying high-quality images provided by the app are akin to what dermatologists see, and products are recommended accordingly to help users achieve healthier skin.

Technology is taking the beauty world by cyber-storm via an increasing array of innovative concepts. Technology-forward beauty products offer consumers personalized care and advanced solutions in an accessible and smart manner; as such, the beauty industry must adapt to provide consumers with the high-tech products they seek. Advancements in technology certainly will not slow down, and the cosmetics sector has an enormous opportunity to capitalize on this burgeoning market’s potential.