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Plant-Based Packaging Sets WWP Apart

There is an art and a science to cosmetics packaging, and the two are firmly connected.

The art requires that cosmetics packaging be highly alluring and attractive, both to the eye and the touch. The science requires that it be highly durable and protective.

Marrying this art and science has long required the use of plastic and fossil fuel-based ingredients, but that poses significant sustainability problems. Today’s cosmetics customers are looking for earth-friendly products and packaging.

The solution lies in the emerging science of plant fiber polymers, also known as PFP. In PFP component packaging, plastics and petroleum-based products are replaced by natural, earth-friendly components derived from fibrous crops like bamboo, sugarcane, and coconut shells. PFP component packaging is highly biodegradable, and its use reduces carbon emissions by decreasing both the production and disposal of plastic.

Most importantly, PFP component packaging offers all the benefits of traditional packaging, both in durability and appeal. PFP components are available in a variety of colors, finishes and deco options that can be custom branded using organic pigments.

In the United States, PFP component cosmetics packaging is available exclusively through WWP. It’s an arrangement that we are particularly proud of, and one that will benefit our customers and our planet.

Reduce. Refill. Recycle. Repeat.

Inspired by the demand for personalization, the retrograde refillable compact is designed with a rear loading godet system allowing customers to create their own inspired color palettes. Made of recycled material this refillable compact fits perfectly into any sustainable story.
More sustainability initiatives are coming as we continue to bring additional eco-friendly products and packaging to market.


At WWP we are committed to setting the standard for eco-friendly cosmetics products and packaging.

As part of this commitment, we are proud to be the exclusive U.S. distributor for Plant Fiber Polymer (PFP) packaging, which consists of renewable raw materials such as bamboo, sugarcane and coconut shells, and features natural, organic and recyclable components.

Our commitment extends to our tube factory with our dedication to utilizing eco-friendly bio resins. By converting sugarcane into ethylene, we create a product with the same functionality as fossil fuel-based polyethylene, but with one key differentiator: It is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

More sustainability initiatives are coming as we continue to bring additional eco-friendly products and packaging to market.

At WWP, we believe that being a leader in sustainability is part of our core values and mission.

Josh Kirschbaum
Chief Executive Officer



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