Spring 2020 Color Trends

Spring has sprung, the flowers are blooming — and so is your style! The spring of 2020 is bringing bold color trends that you will be seeing everywhere. From the runway to the shelves, these colors will be a staple of the 2020 spring season. Through its friendly and relatable spectrum, these colors will convey a sense of comfort. Selected by The Pantone Color Institute each season, these shades, “infuse heritage and tradition with a colorful youthful update that creates strong multi-colored combinations as well as energizing and optimistic pairings,” explains Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of The Pantone Color Institute.

From warm herbal greens to bold citrus, flaming reds to familiar blue shades, here are the twelve biggest color trends of the 2020 spring season.

Classic Blue

2020’s color of the year! This regal shade instills calm, confidence, and connection. It is evocative of the vast evening sky and is arguably the most versatile color in the collection.

Flame Scarlet

Looking to make a bold statement? This brilliant red will do it. Its sharp appearance symbolizes confidence and determination, and makes the wearer look fierce and unstoppable.  


Named after the spice, the orange offshoot brings a flavorful brilliance to any palette. This universally-chic shade adds a hint of optimism to any outfit or space.

Biscay Green

Named after the Bay of Biscay that washes over the northern coast of Spain, this aqua shade dominates. This multidimensional color prompts boldness and refreshment into one soothing color.


This rich and savory herbal green imparts a healthy and restorative harmony. Its great neutral hue pairs beautifully with a wide range of colors and adds a hint of earthiness.  

Faded Denim

This shade is always dependable, representing comfort and ease — like a pair of old blue jeans. You’ll look chic when pairing it with vibrant tones.  

Orange Peel

This classic and tangy shade is the perfect hue to add a pop of color to any room or look. It’s not as loud as a neon — but it still packs a delightful punch to the eye.

Mosaic Blue

According to Pantone, this color elicits “mystique, grace, and depth of feeling” while displaying a relaxed and light hearted air.


Soft and subtle, Sunlight invites happiness and pleasant cheer. As yellow can be typically seen as a harsh color, this pale alternative radiates a mellowing presence.

Coral Pink

The feminine shade of Coral Pink wraps you up in a warm and welcoming embrace. A versatile color, it can be worn at both day and night, running the gamut from polished and elegant to fun and playful.

Cinnamon Stick

A sweet yet spicy color that adds an earthy burnt orange-like hue. Seen on the runways of Valentino and Marc Jacobs, this shade is very impactful and gives styles a warm and earthy pop.

Grape Compote

A mysterious and soft hue of purple, this shade adds a subtle touch of boldness. From a party dress to accent pillows—it can do it all.