Skin in the Game: Trends in Skincare Beauty

When it comes to skin care, the seemingly endless displays of products can be a bit overwhelming. But there is method behind this market saturation madness. Skincare solutions are continuing to steal the top spot on consumers priority lists nearly across the board, including both women and men while spanning the generational gamut from Millennial’s to Boomers.


Not surprisingly, much of the increased consumer focus on skincare ties in with the uptick in popularity enjoyed by many health and wellness products. In fact, the corresponding emphasis on natural and organic products has help catapult skincare into beauty’s second largest category, behind only color cosmetics. The global organic skincare market is expected to rise  another 10% by 2024, meaning more products, more trends, and an even more inundated marketplace moving forward.


With the stage set for competition, companies must differentiate their products and substantiate their claims of innovation in order to attain – and retain – consumers’ attention.


The burgeoning skincare industry has seen a wealth of new products that satisfy consumers’ desire for socially responsible, sustainable and effective cosmetics. Some notable skincare trends are nontoxic, eco-friendly and high-tech innovations that seek to capture the modern consumer’s eye.


Another emerging trend is the growing emphasis on lightweight hydration. This trend denotes a shift in the industry, as Keshan Gunasinghe, Director of Global Beauty R&D at Johnson & Johnson, recently noted that consumers are changing their focus from “very heavy, occlusive products to much lighter layering.” A nod to this shift, WWP’s Closing Time Cleansing Calm provides on-trend benefits, including a quickly dissolving serum that leaves behind a residue-free finish that doesn’t disrupt the skin’s natural barrier.


A continued push for natural products is another skincare trend – one that looks like a mainstay. With more consumers looking for alternatives to chemically-based skincare items, they are turning to products with organic and natural ingredients. WWP’s solution? The Bi-Phase Treatment Oil contains olive oil, Vitamin E and seaweed extract, expertly combined to help tighten pores, refine skin textures and hydrate skin.


With the skincare industry barreling forward at full force, it is crucial for companies to continue to push the boundaries in product innovation, performance and education to differentiate themselves and stand out amid the ever-more-crowded beauty aisle shelves.