Getting Social: Online, Packaging Provides Shares – and Sales

The cosmetics marketplace has no shortage of new products, each claiming to be the next big thing. Thanks to social media and the rise of influencers, user-generated content is playing an increasingly prevalent role in what sells – and what doesn’t. To pass this crowded, often overly critical cyber-test, products must not only be attractive but authentic to differentiate themselves from competitors and impress discerning consumers.

The solution? Strategic and aesthetic-forward packaging designs that play well with consumers and can withstand the harsh scrutiny of social media. Welcome to the age of troll-proof packaging.

Identifying what factors yield the highest success on social media is increasingly crucial to creating the perfect cosmetic package. Here at WWP, we are intent on helping brands achieve buzzworthy praise on all social media platforms.

In the past, products were photographed for advertisements in professional environments with proper lighting and editing. Now, the power has shifted to well-intending though comparably amateurish consumers. As a result, not only must the packaging be able to photograph well via smartphone, it must be eye-capturing enough to promote shares from various angles. By creating smart packaging designs, brands can capitalize on the social media revolution and play into the tech-savvy generation’s desire for share-worthy posts.

Social media influencers must also be satisfied with a product’s packaging, which can literally be a deal breaker in their willingness to promote a brand. Influencers’ unique role in the social media community – especially in relation to beauty products – presents a huge opportunity for marketing success. Beauty influencers may be unwilling to promote a product that does not fit with their overall aesthetic; brands should prioritize packaging designs that can attract the detail-oriented eyes of potential influencing partners.

A post from a social media influencer isn’t a mere endorsement, it reaches millions of followers who might also be consumers. Some of the most successful packaging designs that gain substantial social media traction are minimalistic while others are quite flashy; regardless of the individual design, an item’s packaging is the first thing social media users and potential customers see of a product – make it count!