Gender Neutral Beauty

The times they are a changin’. Although every industry can rightfully lay claim to the truth of these 1964 Bob Dylan lyrics, the beauty industry is certainly having a moment. Reflective of our current reality, the beauty industry is moving towards a more gender-neutral stance. Unisex, inclusive products are becoming increasingly prominent, and more gender-neutral packaging is coming along for the ride.

As predicted by market research company Mintel, gender-neutral beauty is fast becoming a global trend. WWP, as a provider of a complete range of packaging components, as well as custom and stock moldings, for the cosmetics and personal care industries, is taking notice and stepping up to respond to those customers seeking product packaging that showcases this neutrality.

A variety of approaches

Some brands are targeting different lines to different sexes, but they are foregoing the traditional ‘feminine’ pink vs. the ‘masculine’ blue/gray/black combo. Other brands are going all in, and targeting both males and females, actively marketing themselves as unisex. Such brands include the K-beauty inspired brand Panacea and the self-explanatory Non Gender Specific (NGS), which prides itself on promoting individuality and being the ‘brand for all humans.’

Additional brands operating in the genderless zone include Context, ASARAI, Jecca Makeup, Malin + Goetz, and Aesop. One well-known gender-neutral beauty brand currently making news is Fluide. As noted by Isabella Giancarlo, co-founder and creative director of the brand, and quoted in Brit + Co,, Fluide hopes to take makeup “outside of this paradigm of cis-female beauty and open it up to the potential of makeup being a creative, empowering means of self-expression for all.” A blog on the brand’s website, called ‘Future Fluide,’ features musings on the infinite ways to express selfhood, gender and identity. The site’s home page greets you with the line, Meet Fluide — Makeup for him, her, them, everyone. 5% of profits to LGBTQ health + advocacy groups all year long.

While it may be too soon to know how this trend will play out in the future, it seems safe to say that as old stereotypes continue to dissolve, typical gendered marketing will start to look overly traditional and passé. Along these lines, we believe we can predict a proliferation of more gender-neutral aisles in stores, featuring products that appeal to males and females alike. Indeed, Mr. Dylan, The times they are a changin’.