Cosmetic Design Group to Launch Portfolio 2020 at MakeUp in New York

CDG, a WWP global company, will be revealing the launch of PORTFOLIO 2020 this week exclusively at MakeUp in New York. The launch boasts six exquisite collections that include both color cosmetics, skin care, brushes and accessories.

The Portfolio line-up collections include Skin Care Rituals, which boasts effective formulas steeped in hi-performance actives, while Food for Beauty focuses on color infused cosmetics with skin nourishing ingredients. The Heavy Metal Impact collection breaks all the rules with products that dare you to have fun such as a DuoChrome Liquid Lip Glaze.  Formulated with exquisite texture, opacity finish and wear, the Complexion Color products make you feel like you’re wearing your favorite skin care, with SeaWater Hydrating Foundation infused with pumpkin seed extracts and an EcoPure Face Powder.

Rounding out the Portfolio 2020 line-up is Brow Worship, new innovations for the brow obsessed consumer and Art Supplies, a range of easily customized brushes and accessories to compliment any brand.

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