Ahead of Hair: Now Trending in Hair Care Products & Packaging

Hair, hair, and more hair. Products that is. Move over facemasks and anti-aging lotions, and make (shelf) room for a huge variety of hair care products and formulations – ones that meet the need of every conceivable hair texture, color and length.

Mind you, we’re no longer merely talking about shampoos and conditioners—although their variations continue to expand exponentially. Are you seeking a plant-based shampoo formulated with organic botanicals and essential oils? Or one that will address split-ends? Perhaps you desire a conditioner to soothe dry, damaged, fine or normal hair with hydrating and smoothing ingredients? How about a pre-shampoo, dry-shampoo, scalp mask or scalp exfoliator?

Perhaps it is the color of your hair that needs attention — a product to turn you blond or brunette – or maybe you fancy a rainbow effect? You can choose to change your hue temporarily (for a day, week, or month) or permanently. Evermore specialized products are moving onto store shelves every day. WWP’s customer Oribe, for instance, now offers a styling butter curl enhancer. What’s that you say? This silk-light crème glides through hair to style and nourish it with ultra-hydrating avocado, apricot and coconut oils, giving curls and waves instant, touchable definition with all day frizz control and support.

The bottom line? Whatever your desire or need, there’s a product to meet it.

Here’s another interesting trend. It seems that every other beauty item these days is infused with charcoal, with some claiming it actually detoxifies hair and helps remove the buildup caused by other products used on the scalp. Charcoal is now showing up in deep conditioners, shampoos, scalp revivals, dry shampoos, and even hair blotting tissues (yes, these are a thing). WWP customer Living Proof now features Triple Detox Shampoo, which uses activated charcoal to gently draw out dulling impurities to renew hair’s natural radiance.

In addition to charcoal, the food spice turmeric is starting to appear in more and more products. The claim is that turmeric cleanses the scalp of hair toxins caused by pollution exposure, making it a natural exfoliator that may help prevent hair loss by promoting a healthier scalp.

As more step-by-step hair care routines emerge, we’ve also observed a rise in create-your-own product lines. These ultra-personalized portfolios cater to specific hair characteristics — such as curly, dry, greasy, or split ends. Brands are going as far as personalizing the color of the product, the tube it comes in, and the name appearing on the label—yours, perhaps?

As 2019 approaches, Gen Z consumers – whose first wave is approaching 20 years of age – will become a focus for many brands, as their Millennial predecessors have already done. Because these two age groups are the most amenable to trying new brands, products, and formulas, they are getting the most attention. Stay tuned to find out which products they will choose as tomorrow’s superstars!