Makeup Trends for Spring/Summer 2018

Keeping up with the latest makeup trends is both easy and fun thanks to social media. Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook posts — featuring photos and videos — visually demonstrate the products and techniques today’s customers find intriguing, as well as what they’re willing to spend their hard-earned dollars on. Allow us to ‘illuminate’ a few for you.

Dewy, ‘post-facial’ skin
There’s a new focus on fresh, dewy and ‘post-facial’ skin, which has caused highlighters to continue to grow in popularity. According to Charlotte Libby, Mintel’s global beauty and personal care analyst, many of today’s products feature glossy textures. Libby notes new terms that entered the makeup lexicon in 2017 — ‘chok-chok’ dewy skin, ‘kkul-gwang’ glossy skin, and most recently, ‘glass skin’, which is luminescent.

The preference for matte setting powders and contouring is evolving to focus more on highlighters and a dewy ‘post-facial’ glow. As a result, complexion enhancement products have grown. With both the highlighting trend and ‘glass skin’ being so prominent in early 2018, textures are shifting towards gel, gloss and jelly. A recent New York Times article on spring’s makeup trends tout new jelly illuminators that offer a pretty, slightly dewy finish without the heaviness of a cream formula.

Creative eyelids
Eye makeup trends are becoming increasingly expressive and creative, with spring runways featuring lots of graphic liner, sketching and self-expression. Eyeliners and other eye cosmetics are aligning more with artistic tools to encourage creativity, while searches for ‘blue’ mascara have increased. Makeup users continue to show interest in experimenting with new styles and colors, especially the millennial and iGen markets.

New focus on blusher, personal color and multi-product NPDs
Blusher popularity seems to be growing as ‘draping’ and cheek-to-eye highlight reignite interest in the category. At the same time, there’s a growing demand for personalized color, including new undertones — not only in foundation, but in other products designed to enhance the complexion. Products that adjust to the undertones, moisture level and pH of the skin are proliferating. There are increased opportunities for new multi-product development, as many makeup tutorials model the use of blusher on eyelids and cheeks — likewise, lip color can move onto the cheek and eye to embrace the new eye highlight trend.

Other brands are offering chameleon-level customization through color-changing products. For example, EOS Aqua, a new skincare collection recently launched Dynamic Lip Gloss, is a color-changing lip gloss whose hues differ based on individual lip chemistry – allowing the “natural you” to shine through.

And per the shift toward more expressive, creative eye makeup, WWP will soon launch a retrograde compact comprising a unique cradle godet system that gives consumer the ability to create their own inspired palettes. The versatile new solution will be unveiled at Luxe Pack New York this month.

Additional trends include growing emphasis on lip stains and powders, glitter eyes, and fusion face powders — along with greater demand for products featuring gold and rose-gold metals and crystals. It’s a promising landscape in the makeup industry, and opportunities abound for meeting consumer desire for artistic creativity and self-expression.