Fight Back Against Counterfeiting with Creative Packaging Solutions

Counterfeiting is an enormous problem for many industries today, and is especially prevalent in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and personal care sectors. Crooks target these industries due to their high profit margins. Their actions bring grave health risks for consumers and potentially irreparable reputation damage for brand owners.

At World Wide Packaging, we’ve created packaging solutions for some of the most acclaimed cosmetics and personal care brands in the world. These are brands with established reputations for excellence. These are brands that thrive on trust – a consumer confidence accrued over years and decades.

In the cosmetics sector, counterfeiting is a particular concern at the higher-end luxury segment of the market, especially for manufacturers of prestige skin care and fragrance lines. Counterfeit products are often formulated with inferior ingredients that can lead consumers to believe the brand is offering subpar or even dangerous products – a doubly damaging prospect as it can impact both consumer health and company reputation.

Unfortunately, it can be shockingly easy for crooks to mimic your packaging and product. It’s easy money, and it’s irresistible.

Our message is this: Don’t let counterfeiting derail your brand from becoming the next big thing. Don’t let some petty criminal rob your product of its trustworthiness. Your product deserves better.

It’s a serious game, and we know how to play it. Anti-counterfeit technologies that World Wide Packaging has successfully incorporated include printed hologram labels for authenticity and molded RFID chips into the actual packaging component, to name just a few. These innovative, often layered verification systems help protect a brand’s integrity and provide added assurance for consumers.

Recommendations of International Trademark Association

In addition to packaging, it’s also important to do your field work. Brand owners can take legal, technological, and business steps to prevent or minimize counterfeiting. This includes not only registering your trademarks in jurisdictions where you sell product, but also in jurisdictions where your products are manufactured; recording your trademarks with customs offices; maintaining watching services; creating anti-counterfeiting positions within your company; and closely monitoring your brand’s online presence, including social media.

Despite these tools, building anti-counterfeit measures into your packaging solutions is a forward-thinking, front-line tactic toward enduring the integrity of your supply chain.

For example, our ELEMENTS™ tube line enables molding of a branded logo or icon into the shoulder, making the package extremely difficult to convincingly reproduce. The is leading edge branding feature for WWP’s 50mm, 40mm, and 30mm diameter tubes incorporates unique technology for an added layout of protection to customers who quite simply cannot afford to have their products knocked off.

Like most effective on-package anti-counterfeiting measures, ELEMENTS offers aesthetic appeal along with counterfeit deterrence. Combining molded shoulder color ranges with custom artwork, the process produces an assertive graphic statement for an on-shelf point of differentiation instantly noticeable to consumers.

If you have questions about implementing anti-counterfeiting measures into your packaging solutions, please contact us.