Multitasking Products, More Than Just A Pretty Face.


Multitasking Products Can Be Useful, Gorgeous, and a Great Selling Point

Multi-functional makeup products? Why not! We’re all pressed for time in our fast-paced lives, so anything that saves time and money, and even space in our make-up bags is a bonus.

Many people love these multi-purpose items. Dual-end wands, compacts with space for multiple makeup products, lipstick cases with mirrors on the bottom. The list could go on and on, and does  as inventive developers keep coming up with creative new designs that serve multiple needs.

Basic human biology leads us to be attracted to shiny and visually appealing designs – and the cosmetic industry designs their products and packaging accordingly, knowing this can make a huge difference when it comes to sales. A recent article in says, “Packaging that offers added functionality can also positively improve brand image and influence sales growth, particularly in mature developed markets.”

The most successful multitasking product designers/packagers have internalized this lesson and seek to design products that offer a perfect balance of functionality and flair. World Wide Packaging has worked with industry leaders on the production of many multi-purpose designs — all of which feature more than a dash of modern appeal for the aesthetically-minded consumer.

We’ve taken this to heart at World Wide Packaging. One example is the Dual Eye Kit, which offers double-duty functionality and an easy-to-use design ideal for today’s on-the-go consumer.  More than just your typical mascara package, the Dual Eye Kit combines liquid eyeliner and mascara into one groundbreaking package.  Simply pull the top cap to reveal the air tight liquid eyeliner, or twist the cap for the mascara chamber. The Dual Eye Kit is easy to carry and allows for effortless application, making it a smarter package solution that not only adds value, but enhances functionality as well.

Then there’s the sleek Lipvue lipstick case, engineered with style and efficiency in mind and doubling as a mirror for precise application. Customers no longer need to fret about smudgy lipstick or accidentally getting lipstick on their teeth (though it happens to the best of us). A prime example of product multitasking, the Lipvue boasts dual functionality while demanding attention for its innovative exterior design.

At WWP, we don’t sacrifice efficiency for fashion’s sake. We make sure our multitasking products feature unique aesthetic appeal that adds the elements of luxury and precision while highlighting the functionality of the cosmetics themselves. Innovative items like the Dual Eye Kit and the Lipvue pack a punch with heightened marketing ability and eye-catching consumer appeal, proving that multi-functionality works and is here to stay.