World Wide Packaging Debuts Lash 180°, a Cutting-Edge Mascara Applicator System

Patent-pending Ergonomic Brush Creates a Solution to Wide-Eye and Messy Mascara Application 

Florham Park, NJWorld Wide Packaging LLC. (WWP), a leading provider of cosmetic packaging components and plastic tubes, has introduced a cutting-edge mascara brush, dubbed Lash 180°. The patent-pending ergonomic brush creates a solution to wide-eye and messy mascara application.

Designed to Disrupt. Formulated to Style.

Shaped like a triangle, the Lash 180° brush is engineered and designed to be used both horizontally and vertically. Combined with a trendsetting formulation, this cutting-edge brush styles lashes 180°, making it simple to lengthen, curl, define and volumize lashes with just one swipe. The product’s proprietary formulation, developed by WWP’s Product Development & Sales group to be USA & EU compliant, also incorporates vitamins and amino to strengthen and fortify lashes.

“Lash 180° makes mascara application, which is central to many makeup routines, both fun and effective,” said James Farley, Executive Vice President of Global Business Development.  “The unique look and effectiveness of Lash 180° merges fashion with function, making both packaging and the user experience more compelling.”