Success Stories

Challenged by Clients

World Wide Packaging was challenged by Mary Kay to design a powder sifter that was leakage free when properly closed by consumers. WWP produced a rotating sifter that, when desired, completely shuts off powder flow. After passing a series of rigorous tests, the sifter has proven to not leak when closed properly.

The reaction? “In the end, it was truly “the winning move” on the project and exemplified the type of brass courage from your management that we don’t see enough of in our supply base,” said Randy Moeggenberg, Manager of Purchasing, Mary Kay Inc.

Opening Doors to a Customized Lipstick Case

Elizabeth Arden designed an elegant, intricately-detailed lipstick case in line with its reputation for luxury and quality. But actually making it would amount to one of the most intricate metal cases ever commercially produced.

The case seen here starts out as a raw slug of aluminum. From there, World Wide Packaging treats it at 10 different punching stations. The complexity yields a cut-above-the-rest design comprised of an extraordinary amount of detail in the doors at the sides of both cap and base, including the signature “Elizabeth Arden” embossing on the center band and the door etching on top of the metal cap. Once the case is punched out, WWP anodizes the metal parts in gold, and a revolutionary high-tech polishing process maximizes design details.

A Top Hair Care Company Gets a Product Packaging Makeover

When Oribe – which is well-versed in upgrading looks – decided to upgrade its own, the company engaged World Wide Packaging to provide its chic line of haircare products with an equally trendy tube.

The design called for two tubes featuring never-before-seen closure systems that, at 45-50mm in height, respectively, were twice as tall as those normally seen on similarly-sized tubes. WWP built a custom tube head to accommodate the elevated height of the cap, as well as custom molds for the polypropylene-based closures.

WWP also knew that decadence lies in details: The flip-top closure alone requires three difference pieces and features a dazzling reproduction of Oribe’s signature logo displayed as a raised, three-dimensional embossing.

SMILE: We’ve Got a Solution for the Impossible

Last year saw a true breakthrough in the field of dental care: a toothpaste with the cleaning powers of fluoride but entirely free of it – a welcome innovation for consumers concerned about the risks of ingesting fluoride. The secret ingredient was a blend of minerals that includes cocoa bean extract, making Theodent the world’s first “chocolate toothpaste.”

World Wide Packaging was presented with the challenge of housing Theodent in a tube worthy of its groundbreaking innovation. The result was packaging combining a luxurious look with revolutionary appeal.

Seen here, the chocolate brown communicated Theodent’s cocoa bean roots. The bold choice was counterbalanced by an elegant, copper-colored decoration scheme, and the THEODENT name is presented in a classically formal, all-capped font. The tony touches showed a substance behind the style: Theodent was indeed unique – but not merely for unique’s sake.

Our work with Theodent was especially challenging, because we were utilizing the marketing value of a novelty ingredient while the product itself was far more than a novelty. We were using an out-of-the-ordinary color palette to earn initial attention, and at the same time communicating that this product is not only sincere, but exemplary.