Custom Innovations

Imagination is the spark…Innovation is the fuel.

Custom projects come in several forms: modified stock, customer-driven designs, and WWP innovations.

Modified stock is a fast, simple way to get a unique look without the cost of tooling up a complete package.  This is great for start-ups, smaller companies, or for established customers who don’t have time to completely tool a new package. Customer-driven designs are guided by the customer.  Very often, customers will come to us with ideas and ask us to make the ideas a reality. WWP Innovations are imagined and executed by our talented engineering and design staff, before they are offered to our customers.

The engineers at WWP have many development tools to shorten the time it takes to develop a custom package.  We start with rendering designs and options in 3D to aid our customers with visualizing the final look. Next, we model ideas and concepts using our in-house rapid prototype modeler, which gets physical samples into customers’ hands quickly.  We also use aluminum tools that allow us to prove-out designs, ensure we have no issues, and provide samples for line trials and compatibility before
production tools are even complete!

Using the tools at our disposal, we are able to take weeks (if not months) off of the package design timeline.  Just one more way that WWP can put your product on the fast track to the world’s retail shelves.

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